The Union public service commission (UPSC) was established under Article 315 of the Indian constitution and the commission consists of nine members and a chairman. The duty of recruiting people to different positions and services under the union is being entrusted to the UPSC by the Indian constitution and this is being done by conducting competitive examination and interview. Continue reading ‘IAS Toppers’


Achieving success in IAS has never been easy. It always requires hard work and proper planning. IAS syllabus is although tough, more amount of time is available for the preparation of these kinds of competitive exams. Many students and also top level cadres are dream of an IAS jobs. Preparations should always follow the exact syllabus and pattern of Indian Civil services Exams. Continue reading ‘IAS Syllabus’


Indian Civil Services (IAS) exams have acted as the strength of Indian IAS aspirants. The job profile is divided into various departments, and the areas covered are highly competitive and filled with challenges. Compared to private sector Indian Civil Services are preferable. The salary is comparatively good enough with more responsibilities. Continue reading ‘IAS Salary’


Most of the candidates wish to take up civil service examinations so that they will be able to get government jobs. But, some candidates hesitate to take up the exam mainly because of the general belief that it is difficult to get through these types of exams since the papers are tough. But, the rank holders believe that it is not that much tough to get through these examinations if the candidate puts his/her dedicated efforts for preparing to these examinations. Continue reading ‘IAS Papers’


Indian civil service examination is one of the toughest competitive exams among all other competitive exams of the country. Every time when competitive exams come to somebody‚Äôs mind, they seriously start thinking about the eligibility criteria. Honestly speaking the eligibility criteria for appearing in not at all strict civil services. Continue reading ‘IAS Eligibility’


IAS exam is being conducted in three stages namely preliminary test, main exam and personality test. Both the preliminary test and main exam has got general studies paper and this paper is compulsory for all students and the other paper is an optional paper, in which the candidates can select any subject of their interest. Continue reading ‘IAS Current Affairs’


IAS civil test is a very comprehensive process which examines the communication skills and analytical ability of the candidates. The selection process is more or less the same across the various states of India and is designed according to the procedure adopted by UPSC. The test mainly consists of three rounds; they are preliminary test, main examination and personality test. Continue reading ‘IAS Civil Test’


Indian Civil Services served as a backbone of the country since a long time. Indian Civil Services are considered to be the inner strength of the country. It has great responsibility as well as respect among the citizens of India. Although Indian Civil services offer a smaller amount of salary compared to corporate jobs, but most best talented youngsters prefer for Indian Civil Services jobs because of its authoritive and administration nature of job. Continue reading ‘IAS Civil Services Exam’


Nowadays, many candidates wish to take up IAS examination and some candidates try to find coaching centers for getting training for IAS examination. Here are the list of IAS Training Institutes in top cities in India.

Bangalore: Continue reading ‘IAS Training Institutes’


Here I am providing list of the questions with appropriate answers of IAS Toppers Interview. This is the Interview of Ankur Garg (Interview of Month). Ankur Garg was a brilliant student and he is pursuing his Engineering in IIT, Delhi. His interview as follows: Continue reading ‘IAS Toppers Interview’