Books for IAS

If you are attending IAS Preliminary Examination, then these are the good books for Preliminary IAS (General Studies)

Current Events of National and International importance:

  • News weeklies like India Today or/and Outlook
  • One major National Daily – Either the Times of India or The Hindu.
  • Current Events – Spectrum

General Science:

  • Science and Technology supplements in the Newspapers and magazines.
  • NCERT books on Science.

Indian Politics:

  • Introduction to Indian Constitution – D.D. Basu Related
  • General Mental Ability: There are no specified books for this area. You have to practice quantitative aptitude. The basic requirement for this is an intelligent calculation.

Indian Economy:

  • Evolution of Indian Economy – NCERT.
  • Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri

World Geography – including Indian Geography.

  • Geography of India – Resources and Regional Development Part II (Class XII) – NCERT
  • Physical Geography – Leong
  • General Geography of India (Class XII) Part I – NCERT
  • Principles of Geography (Class XII-Part I, II)
  • Atlas

Main (General Studies)


    When it comes to books for statistics, you can choose the Statistics book for class XI approved by the National Council of Education Research and Training

History of Modern India

  • Freedom Struggle written by Bipan Chandra
  • Modern India – IGNOU
  • India’s struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra and others.
  • Modern India – NCERT.

Science and Technology

  • Science and Technology section of the Wednesday edition of the newspaper ‘The Hindu’.
  • Yozna contains science and environmental related topics.
  • Science and Technology Published by the Spectrum.

Current Affairs

  • Current Affairs and News Analysis of BBC.
  • At least one major national newspaper – either The Times of India or The Hindu
  • Current events – Spectrum
  • News weeklies like India Today or/and Outlook

Indian Geography and Economy

  • Indian Geography (Class XI and XII) – NCERT
  • Yozna

Indian Culture

  • Culture Chapter (s) in the India Year Book.
  • Art and Culture portions of history books and Gazetteer of India.
  • Encyclopedia of Indian Culture.

Indian Politics and Constitution

  • Our Parliament – S.C. Kashyap
  • Introduction to the Constitution of India written by D.D. Basu.

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