IAS Eligibility

Indian civil service examination is one of the toughest competitive exams among all other competitive exams of the country. Every time when competitive exams come to somebody’s mind, they seriously start thinking about the eligibility criteria. Honestly speaking the eligibility criteria for appearing in not at all strict civil services.

Some of the basic requirements for appearing Indian Civil Services Exams are a degree of any university; candidates who have appeared in the final exams can also appear in the preliminary Exams, but for the main exam the results of previous qualifying examination is essential. The candidates appearing for the main examination should also produce an application of qualifying the preliminary examination.

There are some other requirements to be satisfied, such as the appearing student must be an Indian for IAS exam. A candidate appearing for Indian Civil Services Exam must be at least 21 years of age and should not exceed 30 years of age. But in some cases these age bars are a bit relaxed. For example :- it can be maximized up to 5 years if a candidate belongs to SC/ST category, it can be maximized up to 3 years in case of any other backward classes, the upper limit can be relaxed to 5 years if someone is domiciled in Jammu and Kashmir.

There are many other requisites but these are not considered to be at the tougher side. The toughest part is the written tests and the interview. Getting a job in Indian Civil Services is not easy. It is like serving your nation, and to attain such a position in this level of difficulty is considered to be just like a drop of water in the Indian Ocean. Starting from young college students to an officer in public sector to an executive in corporate sector, everybody wants to be in Indian Civil Services jobs. And in a country like India there are not so many IAS vacancies available as per the demand.


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