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Most of the candidates wish to take up civil service examinations so that they will be able to get government jobs. But, some candidates hesitate to take up the exam mainly because of the general belief that it is difficult to get through these types of exams since the papers are tough. But, the rank holders believe that it is not that much tough to get through these examinations if the candidate puts his/her dedicated efforts for preparing to these examinations.

The toppers suggest that facing the IAS papers require self-confidence and they also suggest not to listen to the remarks of the others regarding the toughness of the examination. The toppers also suggests the candidates to prepare for the IAS exam with the help of previous years question papers so that they will be able to get an idea about the pattern of question papers. The candidates can also join coaching institutes, which will help them to keep in touch with the other candidates and discuss the method of preparation followed by them and they can also get the doubts clarified then and there.

Both the preliminary and main exam of the IAS contains general studies and optional papers. In the preliminary exam, the general studies paper is common for all the students and the optional papers include statistics, mechanical engineering, zoology, history, psychology, animal husbandry, political science, geology, law, agriculture, electrical engineering, botany, physics, commerce, chemistry, public administration, mathematics, geography, sociology, medical sciences, civil engineering, philosophy and economics.

The above-mentioned papers are optional papers for the preliminary examination and when it comes to main exam apart from these optional papers, other papers like sociology, Languages, management and anthropology are also included.

The website called http://examrace.com/IAS_previousyearpapers.aspx offers previous years’ papers for both the preliminary and main exams not only for general studies paper, but also for optional papers as well.


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