IAS Salary

Indian Civil Services (IAS) exams have acted as the strength of Indian IAS aspirants. The job profile is divided into various departments, and the areas covered are highly competitive and filled with challenges. Compared to private sector Indian Civil Services are preferable. The salary is comparatively good enough with more responsibilities.

Sum of rupees Three hundred and fifty only was provided to an IAS officer in 1949 at the starting of the service, hard to digest isn’t? Whereas at the same time the secretary, heading a ministry was paid Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred only. Today, after 60 years the figures have changed in a very satisfying and dramatic manner. Nowadays the salary for fresh IAS officer starts at Rupees Eight Thousand a month (8000/-), while the secretary get about Rupees Thirty Thousand for a month (30000/-) and salary will be upgraded appropriately based on seniority and experience.

The yearly batch of IAS officers during 1950’s consisted of about 50 to 70 officers, where as nowadays no IAS batch goes below four hundred officers. During 1950’s the training used to take place in metal houses in Delhi. Trainers and trainee used to stay nearby the place. This training school was finally shifted to Missouri in 1958 with upgraded facilities.

Until 1985 there was no choice of posting place for the IAS officers, after the completion of IAS training. Nowadays the IAS officer will be offered to choose his posting place in case there is a vacancy and he/she will be allotted accordingly.

The figures in pay check of IAS may look moderate by considering nature of job, but he/she gets other allowances like free car with a driver, free servants, education fees for children is at free of cost, Free air trips, free entertainment as well. Government bears all such regular expenses of an IAS officer, which is advantage for an IAS officer. This is just because to release his from family burdens and keep the level of work at the top most level.


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