IAS Selection Procedure

The Exam outline of IAS is as follows:

1st Paper: You have to select any one of the Indian Languages from 18 languages which are included in the VIII Schedule to the Constitution (Qualifying Paper). Total marks is 300

2nd Paper: English. Total Marks 300

3rd Paper: Essay. Total Marks 200

4th and 5th Papers: General Studies (300 Marks for each paper). Total Marks 600

6th, 7th, 8th and 9th papers: you have to select any two subjects from optional subjects each contains 2 papers (300 marks for each paper). Total Marks 1200

Total Marks for written examination is 2000, Interview test marks is 300 and grand total is 2300.

There are total 3 rounds in this IAS selection process those are:

Preliminary Examination consists of two papers, one is optional subject of marks 300 and the other one is general studies of marks 150. Total is 450 marks.

Main Examination: The candidates who have successfully completed the preliminary exam can attend the main exam. There are two optional subject in the main exam and 300 marks is allotted for each optional and each optional subject will have two papers that means total 1200 marks and one general studies consists of two papers each carries 300 marks that means 600 marks and one essay for 200 marks. Grand total is 2000 marks. Other than this, you have two language papers, one is any Indian language and the other is 10th standards English paper. These two papers carry 300 marks each. But these two papers will consider in ranking.

The Final round in selection process is Interview:

This interview carries 300 marks.

Note: If the candidate is failed either in Mains or in Interview, he has to appear from the preliminary round. That candidate can attempt for 4 times if he belongs to open category, 7 for OBCs and there is no limit for SC/STs. The age limit for open category is 30, for OBCs are 33 and for SCs/STs is 35 years. But the candidate must cross 21 years 1st August of the year.


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